Global British lifestyle brand Ben Sherman celebrates 60 years of style as a leading tastemaker in menswear. Established in 1963 in Brighton by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman who adopted a shortened moniker of his name to start his label, the brand was founded in creating shirts which had a personality all of their own. The humble button-down shirt was given a vivid makeover in brightly patterned prints – some in corduroy fabric, others with snap-on interchangeable or long pointed collars. A Ben Sherman shirt captured the imagination and stood out on the street with his signature use of bold colour and pattern.

The magic of the button-down shirt lies in its appeal across generations as both comfortable and crisp. Ben Sherman said of his pieces, “My shirts are a part of youth culture, crossing over generations.”

The label carries a deep connection to music and has influenced numerous youth subcultures across the second half of the twentieth century: the Teddy Boys, Mods, Rockers, Northern Soul, Punk and Britpop. The new season AW23 collection celebrates the brand’s classic pieces which have journeyed through the decades but also transcend youth and music culture.

Creative Director Mark Williams said, “Ben Sherman has long been a brand which attracts those who are passionate about what they wear. We’re proud to present our the AW23 collection as a fresh interpretation of our heritage pieces.”

Reinvigorated Tattersall Checks, premium brushed autumn shirting and knits carry the brand’s DNA into a contemporary street setting.

Premium craftsmanship remains intrinsic to the brand’s ethos and use of organic cotton and recycled materials have increased through this season’s collection.

Ben Sherman still holds a distinctive place in the men’s wardrobes and is proud to celebrate 60 years of style reaching across generations. 

Ben Sherman 60 years
Ben Sherman 60 years