Lacoste is proud to renew its partnership with tennis world number one Novak Djokovic until 2025.

Since 2017, the Crocodile has been right there with the Serbian player and kits him out with elegance in his sporting progress. Each year, the Novak Djokovic collections, created and developed specifically for this number one player, ensure him unique style and perfect freedom of movement on court.

Now co-record holder of the number of Grand Slam titles, a whole team gathered around our crocodile Novak Djokovic will continue to listen to him and support him in his quest for new records.

“Novak is not only an exceptional athlete, but also one of those great champions who have a wonderful spirit both on and off the court. Our meeting in 2017 was a real coup de coeur. His audacity, tenacity and kindness impressed me and I am proud that we can continue our common adventure together and accompany him in his new challenges!” Thierry Guibert

Off court, an authentic collaboration has been created between the French crocodile and the world number one. “I have a real connection with Thierry Guibert. We talk regularly, and I’ve felt his support at each key moment of my career. He even connects with my fan club on social media! It’s quite incredible to see all these different people around the world get together to give me their support!”, confides Djokovic.

The Serbian player is at the heart of the brand’s strategy, as his values, his altruism and commitment to the younger generation match those of the French company, originally inspired by René Lacoste. The Etendart court in Clichy, France, opened in July 2020, is the perfect embodiment of Novak and Lacoste’s shared commitment to the young. This court, bearing the image of the world’s number one player, welcomes schools and young people from associations throughout the year. Following its success in France, this initiative, which aims to facilitate the playing of tennis, will be extended internationally in the coming months.