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Riders Summer17 Campaign

Posted on 24/11/17:

Riders turned up the heat in their latest Summer 17 Campaign with their latest collection. Featuring two new fits the Girlfriend shorts for her, and the Square Cut Short for him – you’ll be sorted all Summer long.


Shot Sydney side, the Riders Summer campaign features the stunning talent; Georgia Farley and James Manley.

Lee Summer17 Campaign

Posted on 24/11/17:

The Lee Jeans Australia team recently made it’s way up to Byron Bay to shoot they’re latest Campaign ‘AIR S17’. Using local Byron Photographer Tess Leopold, who is best known for her beautiful and natural film aesthetic. Lee summer campaign features local talent from Neverland Management: Lucca Mason and fresh face Hurihah O’Reilly.


The product featured in Lee's latest campaign is all made from Air Denim. It’s back for another season and it’s here to stay. Air Denim is like wearing nothing at all. Using innovative technology, Lee ensures you’re wearing the comfiest lightweight denim.


The whole concept behind Lee's AIR S17 campaign was to replicate the feel of Air Denim through the imagery. Shot underneath the Ballina Bypass, and only using a blank canvas sheet as the backdrop, you can see the element of AIR speaking to the imagery.


Posted on 07/11/17:

Rita Ora puts her best foot forward as an #UGGLIFE ambassador.  An international superstar, Rita Ora rose to fame as a singer and has since become a TV personality and fashion icon.


Shown here in the UGG Kasen boot in chestnut, Ora works the casual yet luxurious style that is also the hero in the latest UGG campaign.

Lacoste M/M ColLab

Posted on 26/10/17:

For Summer 2017, Lacoste has given carte blanche to the duo of graphic artists Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag, alias M/M paris.


Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Lacoste's artistic director, had been dreaming of combining the iconic crocodile with the talent and the very special world of these two artists. “I admire their work, which I find very personal and rich. I like the alchemy which takes place between their freedom of tone and the strictness of their creations,” he explains.


For three decades, M/M paris has embodied the best there is in the field of signs and visual identity. Among the most innovative designers of their generation, the pair have marked the era with their artistic creations based on thinking which is always profound and often political. What makes them original is that they never work in only one medium. Mathias and Michael thus switch according to their affinities from fashion to music, from contemporary art to theatre and from decorating to creating a perfume.


For a long time they put their name to promoting Yohji Yamamoto and, with Nicolas Ghesquière, they created the renaissance vocabulary of Balenciaga. They work among other things today with Jonathan Anderson for Loewe and its JW Anderson brand.


They are the official graphic artists of Björk, Benjamin Biolay, Etienne Daho and Jean-Louis Murat. They also work with the artists Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Pierre Huyghe and Philippe Parreno, institutions such as the Lorient theatre, the Dijon Consortium and Fiac, whose posters they have been designing since 2005. An eclectic clientele with whom they build up a long-term relationship in which a genuine complicity is established, each partner assisting the other in its development. We thus took the opportunity to ask the two how they came to envisage this invitation.



The alphabet is undoubtedly the favourite area of expression of Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag, who have had fun redefining the outline of the iconic crocodile from “A to Z”. Graphically redesigned according to the geometry of the letters composing the brand's name, the L stylises the crocodile's tail while the E represents its open mouth.


The products in a capsule collection and a limited edition thus take on a new look for a time while these artists work with us.Produced in the classic LACOSTE colours of white, navy, red, sky blue or flamingo pink, each garment is embroidered with the word “LACOSTE” in green and red two-tone lettering.This embroidery replaces the crocodile on a short-sleeved polo and moves to the middle on a sweater, a headband or wristbands, while a unisex T-shirt carries the whole of the alphabet in which only the letters spelling out LACOSTE are coloured.


These graphics are repeated on one side of the reversible Anna bag, the other side showing a print with a repetition of the successful pair's logo, M/M (Paris).



For the limited edition, the famous French graphic studio has dreamt up a “days of the week” version of the unisex polo: 7 letters for LACOSTE and one outsize letter for each of the 7 polos always emblazoned with the embroidered word LACOSTE in place of the crocodile. A heather grey or plain black hoodie and a graphic poncho combining the alphabet print and the M/M (Paris) print complete this limited edition. The added accessories are a pair of white L.12.12 sneakers decorated with the LACOSTE patch and fitted with a red sole, and a crocodile-shaped sports bag.


This collection will be available from the 24th of October 2017 on and from the 15th of November 2017 in all LACOSTE stores worldwide.


Posted on 20/10/17:

We’ve always believed that life is a journey with a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes it’s all about setting the pace, other times you have to go with the flow. To us, a “mover” is someone who understands and appreciates that, just like you.


Go-getters and won’t-quitters need shoes they can count on, and we’re proud to step up to the challenge, because we’re movers too. We know that shoes aren’t really accessories. They’re companions, and a good pair can take you anywhere. The only question is: Where are you heading?



From the first sketch to the final product, we scrutinize every nuance of our creations. Every vamp, welt, lift, and lace—the tiniest aspects are what add up to an exceptional design.


But of course, that’s only half the equation.



We take the time to understand who will own, and rely on, our shoes. When we’re working on a new pair, whether it’s a casual slip-on or a dressed-up boot, we zero in on wearability, very literally putting ourselves in your shoes to better understand what’s working and what isn't.




The Superwomen Manifesto: FitFlop launches Spring Summer 2017 Campaign with first Superwoman, Uma Thurman.

Posted on 20/10/17:

From high-achieving women who wear FitFlop™ on a regular basis to the millions of everyday women loyal to the brand, 2017 is the year FitFlop celebrates the lives and achievements of women across the world. Women are busy, which is why every single shoe, sandal and boot in the FitFlop collection has been designed with them in mind, because in our mind, every woman is a superwoman…


Join the FitFlop movement, join the Superwomen.


The first ergonomic FitFlop sandal – Walkstar™ 1 – launched in 2007 when the brand’s very own superwoman, Marcia Kilgore, beauty industry entrepreneur and multi-tasking mother, founded FitFlop on the simple belief that comfort and style needn’t be mutually exclusive. Fast forward ten years and FitFlop is worn by millions of women across the globe, a veritable legion of superwomen going about their daily business in comfort and style.


And now to another kind of superwoman: Uma Thurman. The actress is set to feature in FitFlop’s Spring/Summer 17 global advertising campaign as photographed in New York by award-winning photographer Stefan Ruiz. Chosen for her strength, elegance and individualism, Thurman is proud to be the brand’s first chosen Superwoman, a campaign masterminded by Global Brand Director Shubhankar Ray. “When I imagine superwomen I think of mothers. I think of all the women who are taking care of their children, their parents and contributing to society, working and providing for their families,” comments Thurman. The campaign will feature worldwide in major world cities from London to NYC, Milan to Amsterdam and Hong Kong to Tokyo on billboards, bus sides, in print media and online from February 2017 .


Building on an already-established partnership with charity ‘Habitat for Humanity’, in which FitFlop donates $20US from each pair of HOUSE™ slippers amongst other contributions, January 2017 will see Fitflop get involved first-hand with ‘Women Build’, the initiative aimed at building strong foundations for women and families across the globe.


Life isn’t as simple as pulling on a pair of boots and becoming miraculously empowered (we wish) and we can’t guarantee that wearing FitFlop shoes will help you smash your way through the glass ceiling (red superhero capes at the ready, ladies!). But knowing you can get from A to B in comfort and quickly is one thing less to worry about. So that’s one battle won – as for the rest, we’re with you every step of the way. Join the movement, join the Superwomen.



Uma Thurman wears the Sporty-Pop™ X Lizard-Print High Top Sneaker in nude pink.
© Photo by Stefan Ruiz.

  Shubhankar Ray and Uma Thurman. Uma wears the F-Sporty™ sneaker in white leather.

© Photo by Hector Perez.

Uma Thurman wears the iQushion™ in yellow bubbles. © Photo by Stefan Ruiz.

Lacoste 85th Anniversary

Posted on 12/10/17:

It’s an anniversary hailed by a Paris homecoming for Lacoste, after 14 years spent on the New York runways. It’s also a clear statement for this symbol of French elegance.


That of its founder, René Lacoste, winner of the 1927 Davis Cup, whose charisma and creativity crystalized the sportswear DNA specific to the Lacoste house —comfort, chic, movement and innovation.


It’s a sports-inspired urban wardrobe, fit for all contemporary lifestyles. A timeless style, seen through a playful eye, for a new attitude as radiant as it is offbeat.


It’s with this legacy in mind that creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista has, for the past few seasons, been giving free reign to personalities plucked from the contemporary art scene, thereby giving rise to collector capsule collections.


The last guests to date are French artists and designers Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag from M/M (Paris). The outcome is a collection released in November 2017, as well as some of the original prints of summer 2018.


Their take on the logo endlessly repeating itself —the 7 letters of the word Lacoste, outlining the world’s most famous crocodile. In a freer style painted with watercolours by Mathias Augustyniak, the mix of icons —crocodile, tennis ball, polo shirt and glasses, for a modern version of the couture scarf print.


At the centre of it all, the white polo shirt, a masterpiece created just 85 short years ago, has its second wind away from the tennis courts, and lends itself to bold proposals. For men, it is worn oversize over a pair of jeans or then again, more classically, albeit with a slight twist. For women, it wraps itself around the body, slips off the shoulder or becomes an evening dress.


An eternally young polo shirt. A collection that rewrites with humour and inventiveness the house heritage, neither sanctifying nor freezing it, but quite the opposite, always keeping it in motion.


Posted on 21/03/17:

Capturing the essence of London style throughout the decades, for AW17 we take a look back at the prominent subcultures and icons from the last 50 years that make up the DNA of London and the Ben Sherman brand.


A unique patchwork of fashion, culture, music and attitudes; our latest campaign was photographed by Sam Bisso in the iconic streets of London & explores the notorious trends from all 4 corners of the city over the past 5 decades.


The first subculture explored in AW17 is the iconic Teddy Boys; a generation of youngers who, after the war, flaunted their clothes, money and attitude like a badge. We will then explore the story of Pinstripe Punks; a musical movement with the attitude to match, followed by the West End Mods a group typified by their love of tailored suits and scooters, and finally the East End Legends, a group of men committed to tailoring.


Be sure to check our blog regularly as we explore the subcultures of London week by week.


Watch the film:

Speedo signs IRONMAN Kendrick Louis

Posted on 21/11/16:

Speedo has announced for the first time in over a decade, the signing of an Australian Surf Lifesaving and IronMan star in the form of 2013 Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalist, Kendrick Louis.


The gutsy 26-year-old from Sydney is a 3 x Australian Junior IronMan Champion, 8 x Australian Gold Medallist and Coolangatta Gold Short Course Champion. He was leading the Nutri Grain Series in 2011/2012 before a devastating grade 3 tear PCL injury almost ended his career. After 6 months of rehabilitation, he returned to competition for season 2012/2013 where he placed runner up. The 2013/2014 season saw him place 3rd, 5th in the 2014/15 season and top 6 in the 2015/16 season. Kendrick is currently training hard for the 2016/17 season and the elusive Nutri-Grain IronMan crown.


Kendrick has already taken part in Speedo's photoshoot for 2017 and is working on the development of new race wear for Surf Lifesaving and IronMan club athletes.


Kendrick commented “I'm absolutely thrilled to be the first IronMan in over ten years to be a part of the iconic Speedo family. They were the first ever brand I wore as a young kid, so for me, this means a hell of a lot.”


Graham Eyres, Speedo Pacific Brand Manager, says, “We are extremely pleased to announce our return to Surf Lifesaving with our support of Kendrick as he's one of Australia's most exciting talents in the sport.  Speedo is about inspiring people to swim and we want to encourage people to add swimming to their multisport approach to fitness, just like Kendrick does.”


The signing of Kendrick is an important part of Speedo's global 'Speedo Fit' strategy, encouraging athletes from all sports to complement their existing fitness regime with swimming.


Posted on 03/11/16:

LACOSTE held their Spring Summer 2017 runway show at Spring Studios Brooklyn NYC on September 10th.


Felipe Oliveira Baptista found the most gentle response to the aggressiveness of our times. Impressed by the ocher and white hues of the modernist Villa Malaparte in Capri, he dreamed up a tennis match on its rooftop. Chiseled by swimming and sunbathing sessions, sexy and tanned bodies hammer balls back and forth, against a backdrop of pine forests, creeks, and rocky inlets. The Spring-Summer 2017 LACOSTE collection freely redefines the notions of comfort, elegance and sensuality.


THE SENSUALITY OF TERRYCLOTH - The bathrobes and wrapped towels Brigitte Bardot dons in Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt, which was partly shot at the Villa Malaparte, inspired a wide range of hooded or shawl-collared bathrobes, along with terrycloth bustier dresses that are belted high on the waist with matching improvised strings, the better to highlight the effortlessly silhouette. A faux-denim jacket and reversible terry Bermuda shorts become real security blankets. They are worn with shoes one can easily slip into: clogs with high wooden soles recalling the sharpness of 1950’s Brazilian furniture, or platform sneakers devoid of strings or loopholes.


THE COMFORT OF FLEECE AND MESH - In this haven of languor and sensuality, clothes are particularly user-friendly and functional. Among them are chic track suits and loose fleece sweatshirts with sleeves that vanish thanks to a simple set of studs, and whose sides can be unzipped, allowing a breeze to brush the skin. A reflection of the designer’s obsessions, the clothes are modular, reversible, or with retractable sleeves, and a «petit piqué» embossed PVC tote bag boasts a cotton strap that can be hand-held or carried over the shoulder. Inspired by women’s tennis skirts, short tunics in feather light mesh sport gussets or delicate wide pleats. Tucked into the front pocket of a small navy and white « petit piqué » embossed matte leather bag, the racket is close at hand. The fisherman jackets and slickers recall seaside family houses. Bleached by the sun and stiffened by sea spray salt, they have an unmistakable holiday flavour.


CLASSIC VOCABULARY AND NEW ATTITUDES - Summer also offers the opportunity to reinterpret items that are imbued with memories and marked by a timeless elegance. Cut in technical navy blue cotton and worn over a white tracksuit, trench coats have a new found aerodynamic purity. Long tank dresses in cotton piqué can be worn with or without belts, and sport either 1970’s-style stripes, or larger versions that recall 1990’s skaters. The very demure BB-shirtdress is reinvented in a seamless but entirely heat-sealed «techno Brigitte» version, cut in transparent red vinyl. Rumpled and casual cropped pantsuits in ultra-light seersucker are adorned with an unexpected Prince of Wales check, while other outfits have the formality of a couture suit, especially when the lining of a coat matches the fabric of the pair of pants and shirt worn underneath. Felipe Oliveira Baptista revisits the art of tailoring, the better to break its rules and redefine French chic.


CROCODILES IN THE WILD AND ARTY STRIPES - LACOSTE’s animal mascot appears on new generation tropical prints. Enlarged crocodile graffiti are covered with childish scribbles, halftone flat tints painted à la Andy Warhol, and free-spirited brushstrokes, like those Le Corbusier did for the fresco of the Swiss Pavilion of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. Inspired by the Berlin installation of the American contemporary artist Richard Jackson - a maze of 5050 horizontally stacked paintings creating the effect of white slices dripping with pure colors -, Felipe Oliveira Baptista reinvents the iconic pattern of the sailor top. Unapologetic in its simplicity and utterly free-spirited, LACOSTE’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection lays the foundations.

Men’s Style X Nautica

Posted on 03/11/16:

Men’s Style Magazine, reimagined Nautica in a beautiful 8 page spread in their spring edition. Here is a glimpse at our favourite shots, styled by Fashion Director, Kim Payne.

Nautica Recruits Melbourne Based Bloggers, The TrendSpotter to Curate the SS16 Look Book

Posted on 03/11/16:

Who better than husband and wife, style influencers, The TrendSpotter to bring Nautica’s reimagined style to life. The stylish pair collaborated with the Australian brand team to pull together the must-have looks for the Spring Summer Season.


Go behind the scenes >


Explore the must-have looks here.

Discover the Spring 2016 with Nautica

Posted on 03/11/16:

From humble beginnings, starting with just 6 outerwear pieces in 1983, Nautica has had one clear vision; to bring the inspiration of the sea to everyday style. Spring Summer 16 brings to life a collection anchored in the energy of the city from which it was created; NYC and crafted in the light of the element that inspires us; the Sea, resulting in a truly Reimagined Nautica.


See how the city meets the sea in our Spring Summer 16 Campaign.

Run for Love

Posted on 26/10/16:

You can’t fabricate heritage, and the latest installment of our Run for Love collection pays homage to the rich Wrangler textiles that’ve come before. When you’ve been making fashion-forward denim for almost 70 years, you inevitably come across your fair share of drifters, rebels, beatniks and poets; this is our ode to them. For the girls, we’re returning to the staple denim of the 70s: heavily bleached, Mom jeans in the ‘Liv,’ and flared hem, highwaisted shorts in the ‘Hi Bells.’ For men, we’re throwing things back to when denim shorts were the go-to for summer, and tees were bold and graced with prints. The summer of love might’ve come and gone, but its mantra remains true, and this is our tribute.


Posted on 01/09/16:

UGG unveiled a first look at its new campaign featuring the brand’s first-ever Global Women’s Ambassador, actress and supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


The campaign celebrates the iconic style and highly-coveted feel of UGG and shows there is now an UGG boot for wherever your life takes you. The original Classic Boot has expanded into reimagined collections that offer more versatility and styling options, these include: The new Classic, Classic Street and Classic Slim.


“I’ve always loved the soft and luxurious feel of UGG,” says Huntington-Whiteley. “I am honored to be the ambassador for a brand that fits so effortlessly into my lifestyle. No matter where I am, UGG always makes me feel at home.”


“The campaign showcases there’s more to UGG than just our iconic Classic Boot,” says Nicks Ericsson, UGG® Marketing Director, Women’s. “Rosie personifies the spirit of the brand perfectly with her warm personality and globally renowned, effortless style. It is a true pleasure working with her and we’re thrilled to have her as our first Global Women’s Ambassador.”

Rockport Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Make every day an adventure.

Posted on 05/08/16:

Men’s Dress: Shoes that work as hard as your do.

Women’s Total Motion: Fashion, meets flexibility.

Men’s Boat: Slip-on summer.

Women’s Wedge: Crafted for comfort.

Discover more at



Posted on 03/06/16:


Speedo and the Australian Olympic team are synonymous. For as long as most Australians can remember, Australia’s esteemed athletes have been wearing the world’s most iconic swimwear brand.


Today at the aquatics venue for the upcoming 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Olympic athletes and Rio hopefuls - Cameron McEvoy, Emma McKeon, Bronte Barratt & Jake Packard (swimming), Maddison Keeney & Dom Bedggood (diving) and Kelsey Wakefield (water polo) unveiled the Rio Olympic uniforms of the swimming, diving and water polo teams.


The swimming racing suit – the Speedo Fastskin LZR Racer, has been designed to create a powerful image with shading and contrast around muscle definition. For female swimmers, this is combined with a more feminine feel through a shaping aspect which is undertaken through tones of colour to create shadows and highlights. The overall design has been further enhanced with the iconic ‘green and gold’ of the Australian team to create an even more striking and dramatic image for the team.


“The print inspiration for our Rio Olympic uniforms is taken directly from the Fastskin competition suits created by Speedo’s International research and development team, Aqualab. We worked closely with the team to take the print elements from the racing suits to create an aesthetic that encompasses the entire aquatic team,” said, Tahnee McIlwraith, Speedo Australia Creative Development Manager. “Green and gold can be tricky colours to work with when designing swimwear however it was imperative our athletes look good and feel good whilst proudly showcasing our countries colours and iconic Australian heritage”.


Today as they unveiled the Rio Olympic uniform, Speedo Australia also announced a 12 year extension of their long-standing partnership with the Australian Olympic Team.


Speedo has provided training and competition wear to Australian Olympians since the 1956 Olympics, and this new agreement extends their partnership up to the 2028 Olympic Games - making it one of the longest standing sporting sponsorships in Australian history. The agreement will see Speedo supply training and competition wear to the Australian swimming, diving, water polo and modern pentathlon teams, and training wear for the triathlon, rowing, canoeing and synchronised swimming teams.


Graham Eyres, Brand Manager Speedo Pacific, said, “We are so excited and proud to be extending our relationship with the Australian Olympic Team. It’s our mission to inspire all Australians to swim, and grow the sport of swimming, and we believe our Olympic team sponsorship does this. There’s a new breed of young swimmers Australia will be introduced to at the Rio Games and we’re thrilled to be supporting these athletes through to Tokyo and beyond”.


Kitty Chiller, Australian Team Chef de Mission said “we have a young enthusiastic team, with many debutants who are eager to show what they can do on the world stage. They are up for the challenge and can’t wait for the Games to start. Speedo has been an integral part of Australian Olympic Teams for so many decades, it is a brand that our water based athletes know and trust and it is incredibly exciting to know they will be with us for another 12 years. I am especially excited about the special message inside the swimming racing suit. I sat down with the Swimming Australia President, CEO, Team Leader and Head Coach over a year ago discussing what would be the most appropriate words to use. I couldn’t be happier with what they came back with – ‘I am Ready’. And this team certainly is ready for Rio”.


Also attending the day were a number of Speedo’s ambassadors including Brittany Elmslie and David Morgan who qualified for Rio, along with a new crop of junior ambassadors. Minna Atherton, Jack Cartwright, Clyde Lewis, Kaylee McKeown & Elijah Winnington are the future of the Australian swim team and all dream of wearing the iconic green and gold uniform at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


Australians will have the opportunity to take home their own piece of the Games, with Speedo selling limited edition replica training one piece suits in women’s and girls sizing along with briefs and aquatic shorts in men’s and boys sizing. These pieces will be available from Speedo exclusive stores, online at and selected wholesalers from July onwards.


Posted on 22/04/16:


UGG has announced it has partnered with international supermodel and actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the first-ever global women’s brand ambassador.


The partnership will begin with a Fall 2016 campaign featuring the iconic Classic Boot re-imagined with a range of new features and benefits anticipated to launch globally in August 2016.

“It’s an honor to be partnering with a global brand that is loved as much as UGG”, said Rosie Huntington-Whitely. “When I started modelling one of the first things I ever purchased was a pair of Classic boots as comfort to me is everything. The updated Classic offers the same immediate comfort but now with an edgier, street style appeal that can be worn indoors or out”.

Nautica – Where The City Meets The Sea

Posted on 30/03/16:


Nautica is revisiting its New York City heritage, in the Autumn/Winter seasonal campaign clip. Bringing together the energy of the great city it was invented in with the calming inspiration of the sea, the Autumn/Winter 2016 clip shows us the styles we will be wearing for seasons to come.


Take a look:

Nautica’s Autumn/ Winter 16 Look Book

Posted on 30/03/16:


Iconic pieces are re-imagined and given an updated look by mixing signature nautical details with classic silhouettes, rich textures and bold hues.

The men’s look book featured statement outerwear, reinvented knitwear and puffer vest, perfect for layer.

Women get an elevated update to their look with modern fabrications, unexpected hardware and rich colours and patterns.

Nautica launches the new

Posted on 30/03/16:


The reinvented has launched, complete with PowerReviews, all new branded content and a special section to host the ever-popular seasonal Look Books.


Take a look here:

the new l.12.12 shoes

Posted on 20/03/16:


The artisan qualities shown by René Lacoste in developing the iconic piqué polo shirt are celebrated through the new L.12.12 shoe collection. All of those distinctive elements synonymous with the brand from its birth through to the world-renowned timeless appeal are captured in the L.12.12 shoe.

Discover more at:

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